Session A: Innovation in tourism destinations. Chair: Marek Kozak.

Session B: Tourism and spatial transformations. Chair: Oriol Miralbell.

Session C:  Emergent approaches to tourism and regional transformationChair: Julie Wilson.

Session D:  Governance. Chair: Òscar Saladié Borraz.

Session E:  Global tourism cities in a regional context: evidence from Barcelona. Chair: Antonio Paolo Russo.

Session F: Tourism topics. Chair: Francesc González Reverté.

Session G: Destination Renewal / Revitalisation. Chair: Salvador Anton Clavé.

Session H: Policy. Chair: Henrik Halkier.

Session I: Residential / Migration Issues in tourism development. Chair: Alessia Mariotti.

Session J:   Development. Chair: Cinta Sanz Ibañez.